Introducing Kate…

Working with glass, is something which draws you in, and once ensnared; nurtures, challenges, surprises and confounds you, all at the same time. 

There’s a high degree of technical know-how required to work in glass and sometimes I think there must be an irrational eccentricity in artists who want to work with a product that is so time-consuming, unforgiving, to produce something which itself is flawless.

I love being in the outdoors, with the beautiful countryside around me, and I find I’m drawn to, and influenced by the colours and patterns found in nature.  This can be seen in my more recent Wildflowers pendants where I have used the vibrancy of colour and flexibility of glass medium, create a fusion of New Zealand nature and culture in contemporary design.

I use a variety of glass techniques when working with glass, from lost wax casting, kiln forming, and working with a glassblower in her studio, to capture the desired outcome.

Kate’s studio is located in Ohakune, on the south side of Mt Ruapehu. A keen skier, winters will find Kate somewhere on Mt Ruapehu. During the summer months Kate’s passion for 2 wheels takes over, whether road cycling or exploring the fantastic mountain bike parks and trails throughout the country. “Balancing creativity, family and being active keeps me busy and getting out in nature provides inspiration for my designs”.

Kate at Murano (Venice, Italy) for the 2018 Glass Art Society Conference